My name is Gabriel Nwamah, a resident of Miami for over three decades. I am the founder and CEO of Silver Housing Solutions, and Silver Capital Funding, LLC.

I came to Miami in September 1986 from Portland, Oregon where I worked for Kmart Corporation as Assistant Manager after graduating from college. I attended Portland State University where I earned a BS degree in Business Administration- Marketing and a Certificate in International Business.

My decision to relocate to the Sunshine State was due in part to the tropical climate. The other key factor was the economic opportunity that Florida presents.

The entrepreneurial landscape here in Miami is very interesting and challenging as well. I find the people and the environment very dynamic. Miami offers a rich cultural diversity where small businesses can flourish and contribute to the economic growth.

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In May of 1996, I incorporated my business, ”Financial Benefit Consulting, Inc.” The business goal was to provide health, life, dental, vision, tax shelter annuity, mutual funds and retirement planning  to small and medium size companies in Miami Dade County.  As the economic wind swept through the country in late 1990, things quickly changed. Technology, government regulations and economic down turn made it impossible to survive.  Insurance and Financial Institutions such as banks got entangled. The law that kept these two giants apart no longer exist. Banks started selling insurance and buying insurance companies. The merging of insurance companies and banks was huge and led to dissolution of Financial Benefit Consulting in June of 1989.

This set back led me to seek employment at Jackson Health System as Central Service Technician in February of 1999.  My responsibility  include,   decontamination process,   instruments preparation,  sterilization, case cart packaging and  O.R. assistance. My employment at Jackson was rewarding and supported my short term needs and enabled me to explore long term vision of real estate venture.

My adventure in real estate investing began in June of 2004 after attending a brief training on how to buy a house with Tax Lien Certificates. The concept was appealing but my challenge was the resources and time needed to acquire the skills since I have a full time job and family to support. I started the process of learning and building the foundation for my real estate investing business by attending more than two dozen webinars, workshops, boot camps, reading real estate books, subscribing to training videos and on site construction projects. My hard work paid off greatly as I undertook a major rehab project as shown in exhibit A (Before) and B (After). This is the central focus of real estate business (Sweat Equity). Rehabbing a property is the best and quickest way of increasing the value of the property. My experience in rehabbing houses coupled with the knowledge of mortgage creation have led me to set up my company. This will enable me help those seeking to buy houses as well as those interested in selling their houses on Owner Financing. In summary, I have incorporated Silver Capital Funding, LLC and Silver Housing Solution, LLC with an innovative approach to help those seeking home ownership as well as those wanting to sell their home. Silver Housing Solutions have also created Private Lending opportunity for those interested in investing their money in real estate for a better return as outlined in our disclosure statement. 



Silver Housing Solutions, LLC is a Florida registered Corporation in good standing with the state. 

Our primary business is buying and selling houses as well as business and mortgage notes. We buy houses that are in need of repair at discount prices. We fix up these houses using our team of real estate professionals which includes; contractors, appraiser, realtor, mortgage broker and closing attorney. The type of properties we are interested includes; single family homes, duplex and small unit apartments.

We raise capital through individuals who are interested in earning a higher rate of return for their money. We pay a competitive interest rat to our lenders and their loan is secured by the property. Documents we provide to our lenders include; Promissory Notes, Recorded mortgage, Title Insurance, Fire Insurance and Appraisal. The principle and interest are paid to the lenders at closing. Silver Housing Solutions, LLC may pool funds to satisfy our funding requirements. The scope of our operation is limited to the State of Florida. The term of the loan is sixty months duration. Interest payable on accrual basis. There is no penalty for early withdrawal provided 45 days request is given by the lender. We reserve the right to return the lenders money before the sixty months duration of whenever the house is sold.

Our business strategy is to sell the houses to the public by creating owner financing noted. Our unique underwriting process makes home ownership affordable due to our credit formula. We buy mortgage and business notes. We operate locally i the South Florida and nationally. We help business or mortgage note holders sell all or part of their mortgage NOW for a LUMP SUM.



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DISCLAIMER: The information contained here is not to be construed as a solicitation for investment or an offer to sell securities. Investment in Silver Housing Solutions is offered only to qualified investors through a written Investment Agreement or Private Placement Memorandum. Presenter is not an Attorney, CPA, Financial Adviser or Realtor. None of the information contained in this pamphlet is intended as legal or financial advice. Everyone should consult his or her own legal counsel, accountant and other professional advisers as to legal, tax, investment and other related issues concerning real estate investing.


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